The HUMAN Lab Rat Experiment

Cigarettes were first commercially produced in 1865. In 1881 the first cigarette machine was invented creating the opportunity to massively distribute this product.  In 1964 the Surgeon General of the U.S. (the chief doctor for the country) wrote a report about the dangers of cigarette smoking. He said that the nicotine and tar in cigarettes caused lung cancer. In 1965 the Congress of the U.S. passed the Cigarette Labelling and Advertising Act. It said that every cigarette pack must have a warning label on its side stating “Cigarettes may be hazardous to your health.” Our “protective” government agencies determined that a product that ONLY produced damaging effects to the body including death should be regulated for continued sale.
In the 1950’s children were sprayed at school and in public swimming pools with the insecticide DDT. It was considered “good for them.” In 1962, the book Silent Spring by American biologist Rachel Carson was published. It cataloged the environmental impacts of indiscriminate DDT spraying in the United States and questioned the logic of releasing large amounts of potentially dangerous chemicals into the environment without a sufficient understanding of their effects on ecology or human health. The book stated that DDT and other pesticides had been shown to cause cancer. In 1972, a ban was finally placed on DDT for agricultural spraying in the United States.
In 1974 Stanley Cohen, Annie Chang and Herbert Boyer created the first genetically modified DNA organism (GMO.) In 1975 a conference was held in the USA at which scientists met behind closed doors to reach a consensus on self regulation and how the newly discovered recombinant DNA technology (genetic engineering) should proceed. Between the 1980’s and early 1990’s China was first to put genetically modified crops on sale. In 2003 European GMO-free regions Network was established. Ten European Regions signed a joint declaration at the European Parliament to safeguard their agriculture policies which could be disrupted by the introduction of GMOs. In 2013 Big Island (Hawaii) Mayor signed the GMO ban into law. In 2014 Monsanto sued Hawaii and had the ban on GMO overruled.

Our country has a history of producing toxic substances that take years to identify, years to adjudicate and years to enforce. This process has effectively allowed companies to produce toxic substances that destroy lives while generating billions of dollars in the process. Our country is supposed to have safeguards known as “regulatory government agencies” built into the system to protect the consumer. Does anyone believe their role has effectively been carried out?

I have just provided three brief examples of how our system has failed us and will continue to do so. The public’s most recent “victory” was the eradication of trans fats used in food products. It has taken over 15 years to get a final ruling to eliminate adding trans fats to manufactured goods. It is well known (even by the consumer) the dangers of trans fats, yet the willingness to ignore these facts and use these products at our own peril continues. The companies will continue to have three more years to generate profits off of this dangerous ingredient before they are required to stop using it.

These products are developed and sold to the public without providing truthful information about their safety. It takes decades to create enough awareness and hundreds of thousands of lost lives to create change. By this point, the profits have been generated and the new projects are underway to generate new sources of revenue. We have become a planet of human lab rats. We accept these companies and purchase their products based on assumed “value.” “Cheap” is good. We justify these purchases by using the manufacturer’s own words that their products are “safe.” We want to remain naive and maintain status quo because …. because we don’t want to face the reality of NECESSARY CHANGE. This would mean additional personal responsibility. We work hard and we’re tired. This is exactly what these industries rely on. An apathetic consumer is their best source of revenue.

The first two products (tobacco and DDT) were proven to cause cancer and DEATH. Why would the regulatory agencies mandate the removal of trans fats (a substance causing early death) but permit the continued sale of tobacco products (a product causing early death?) In 1962 when it was discovered that DDT caused cancer, why did it take 10 additional years to ban its use? It would appear that the system is broken. It’s not. It is working exactly as it was intended to. It is designed to accomplish two specific goals. 1st-  it is designed to create a belief that our government is protecting the welfare of our nation. 2nd- it is designed to generate enormous amounts of wealth.

GMO’s are the latest and greatest topic. These products will continue to be produced and consumed by the public without awareness. Companies producing GMOs are attempting to make it illegal for consumers to know whether a product contains GMOs.

Big business has created a giant FREE laboratory and we are voluntarily performing our jobs as the human lab rats. Is there a difference between lab rat experiments and the human lab rat experiments?  There is a BIG difference. Lab rats are required to do nothing, consume product, develop cancer and die. Human lab rats are required to spend 8-10 hours a day working in order to earn enough money to purchase and consume GMO products, develop cancer and die. In about 20-50 years as the cycle produces the revenues needed to cash in on another successful business venture, scientific findings will miraculously turn up showing the dangers of the past 20-50 years. Small fines and lawsuit settlements will occur. How will the government likely resolve the future of GMO products? Very simply; they will mandate (with the support and laughter from the manufacturers) a “warning label” be placed on foods similar to the warning label on cigarettes. And we the public will continue to destroy our own health under our own control as we watch the manufacturer’s line up at the banks waiting patiently to make their deposits.

…..and so the cycle will continue on to the next substance or product UNLESS WE DECIDE IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE…..

How much longer are you willing to accept your role as a human lab rat for the benefit of BIG AGRIBUSINESS and BIOTECHNOLOGY?



  1. Reblogged this on Advocate for Invisible Illness! and commented:
    Read this and stop being a lab rat for the government.

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  2. This might be a lil off topic, but I have wondered for some time now about all the young women I hear of that have multiple spontaneous abortions naturally occurring. That did not happen when I was a young woman. Something is going on, and I wonder about the contamination in our foods, our community water supplies, and the meds women take for contraception purposes. So scary. The number of side effects mentioned on commercial TV whenever a new drug is hawked is terrifying.

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  3. When something looks like a zebra, acts like a zebra and is located in an area with zebras, you would be wise to believe this animal is a zebra. Could you be wrong? Yes. If proof steers you in a more plausible direction, you would be wise to follow this new path.

    You have identified a zebra. Rather than question why pregnancies are spontaneously ending; why autism has gone from 1 in 166 (10 years ago) to 1 in 68, ( an increase better than a 100%.), why the US ranks #1 in child mortality, #1 in adolescent obesity and #1 in cardiovascular disease, we seek bandaids to “fix” these issues. You are spot on with your analysis. These occurrences are not caused by one thing. The answers to fix the problems require a different approach to life. Our food has radically changed over the years. Our lifestyles have become sedentary. Depression has become a huge problem. Like Congress, we keep pushing the issues further away toward the back burners of the stove. This will only temporarily delay the inevitable unless we change the paradigm.

    Each of us has a role. If we as individuals make small changes that demonstrate to our government and our big industries that we are following a new path (in time) they will be forced to acclimate. It is a very long process that requires persistence and patience.

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  4. Spot on in this article! I get very frustrated and angry seeing how we are manipulated as a whole. The drug commercials are rampant which maybe 10-15 years ago was very rare to see a drug promoted on TV. There are countries that are banning GMO and like you’ve stated, the US (Monsanto) are continuing to allow this poison to be fed us. We can’t even tell which items are GMO. I’ve been told that most corn and soy are GMO products and to stay away from them. I do eat soy and tofu to supplement our proteins, though. Somehow we need to let our voices heard that we want change.

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    1. Personally I have already contacted our congressional officials. I encourage everyone to do so. They may not care about the issues, but they do care about being re-elected. About 80% of the corn and soy is GMO. Until congress passes their heinous bill outlawing manufacturers from labeling NON GMO, this is the best route to go. You might also be interested in signing a petition I’ve started regarding the reporting of healthcare issues. If you like the petition, please SIGN it along with your husband and SHARE it with your social media contacts. You can find it at:


      1. I just read your petition and signed and shared!! Yeah, I hope something comes of this.

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