FEAR Is Not A Viable Choice

Initially, when I thought about the word “FEAR” the image that came to mind was an individual withdrawing from a situation that elicited this emotion. It was a personal emotion which resided in the mind and caused this response. As the days go by and the stories spread throughout the United States about the various doctors that have been found dead, fear has taken on a whole new meaning. These doctors were researching natural alternative methods to deal with various health problems that would potentially offer an alternative treatment to current pharmaceutical intervention.

Mike Adams, founding editor of the Natural News, reported the following:

Yet another doctor was just found murdered inside his home here on the East Coast of Florida. This makes six doctors to be found dead in the last month just from this region of the country alone. Four out of the six were found dead here in Florida. We lost the holistic Dr. Teresa Sievers, MD, who was found murdered in her Florida home just weeks ago. We’ve also lost the alternative Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD, who was found in a river with a gunshot to his chest. He’d recently moved to Georgia from Florida. We’ve also lost the Osteopath. Dr. Riley, who was found in Georgia at her home; just a few hours from the Florida border. She was found with a gunshot wound to her head.

Now we’ve lost Dr. Schwartz MD, who was found murdered in his home, on Sunday, July 19th, 2015. This was four weeks to the day after the death of the first physician: (Dr. Bradstreet MD) who I broke the story on a month ago. His family is still seeking answers as to what happened to him and they’re some of the kindest people I know. The latest MD, Dr. Schwartz, lived just north of the fit, healthy, holistic Dr. Hedendal; who was the second doctor to be found dead this past Father’s Day, in Boca Raton. This was the same day that Dr. Holt died at the age of 33. Both were fathers; and again, both men died here in Florida on June 21st, 2015.

Without knowing the factual findings of each death, it is certainly coincidental that each of these doctors happened to meet their demise within six weeks of each other. Is it possible that money was the motivation behind these murders; or the FEAR of losing money and profits?

Do we see our government or private institutions investing in natural healthy alternatives to cure disease? Do we see them supporting this direction through advertisements or education? What are the legitimate reasons that natural alternative options would be avoided or discredited? Why are the only discussions about solutions to disease based on pharmaceutical technology? Does anyone really believe that pharmaceuticals offer the ONLY ANSWER to disease?

We must be prepared to expose ourselves to ALL legitimate information available. The path we are following is dangerous and exposes all of us to harms we won’t understand for decades. Remember when smoking cigarettes was encouraged my the medical associations as “healthful?” Remember when Dioxin was sprayed directly on our children to “protect them?” Each generation that challenged the medical authorities about these statements was discredited. It took almost 50 years to change these paths and those responsible for the financial benefits of these products were never held accountable. Delaying the truth for all those years generated billions in revenue. When hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of altered research findings, where were the prosecutors and why have the guilty parties remained free?  The victims are dead. Who do we point our fingers at to prevent the same thing from happening again?

I am tired of living in FEAR for our country. It is as if a cancer has invaded our country and is slowly taking over our lives. Recently Federal Legislation was introduced. The bill, named the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act,” was introduced by U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS). Pompeo stated that, “since there exists no evidence that genetically engineered foods posed a health or safety risk to humans, GMO labels mislead consumers into thinking there may be a safety risk.” Does this story sound familiar to the safety in cigarette smoking and the spraying of dioxin on our children? How are we ever better off not knowing what is in the food we consume? How come many foreign countries outlawed their farms from producing GMO crops? Where are the independent research studies produced worldwide confirming Mr. Pompeo’s statements about the safety of GMO? Below is a picture demonstrating one country’s disagreement with Mr. Pompeo’s views.

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields


Enough is enough. You do not have to become an activist to become aware of the issues that face each of us today. The freedom to choose based on our constitutional rights are being taken away from us. This is not conspiracy talk; this is reality.

Hidden GMO, ADULT mandatory vaccinations from 18-death, are just two topics that will affect all our lives in the future. If we ignore these two acts that congress is attempting to make law, where does it end?  Big business and government count on our responses to the various issues to look like this:

It’s possible the murdered doctors mentioned in the beginning of this article attempted to share their research and alternative truths with the public. We can NEVER allow FEAR to prevent TRUTH from being heard. This is not a game. This is not about whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian or Tea Party affiliate. It is about health, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are rights we have ALL been granted as citizens of the United States and rights that are slowly and deceitfully being taken away from us.

I hope this article has helped create an awareness to prevent our lives and our children’s lives from being compromised in the name of PROFIT. If we don’t stand up for TRUTH we deserve the eventual outcome.

I encourage you to share this article with EVERYONE to help share these truths with the rest of the world.


  1. Reblogged this on Advocate for Invisible Illness! and commented:
    Reblogging as this needs to go out there. I see alternative health drs.


  2. I hope you are not correct, but fear you might be correct in the conspiracy to hide the truth from us!

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  3. I am less concerned about any conspiracy and more concerned about getting the truth to the public. Involvement is important when it comes to families and their ability to make their own decisions. The examples I stated already have congress officials attached to bill proposals. We must take our heads out of the sand.
    Thanks for your feedback.


  4. billgasiamis · · Reply

    This is nuts. I love what you stand for. All the best with spreading your message. We need more people to stand up and lead us out of this mess we are. We have had enough of the pseudo leadership of the past 4 or 5 decades. Well done.

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    1. Thank you Bill and thank you for helping me spread some very important messages. There are many people out there looking to make this a better world to live in. We just need to find them and help convince people that positive change can happen. Respectful dialogue is an important component.


  5. The deaths of these doctors should be of concern to all of us. I do not think they could possibly be coincidence.


  6. Have you noticed the MISSING media coverage and reporting? They normally thrive on this type of news. There is a phrase, “if it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t read.” Plenty of blood here; why would you guess the media is not reporting this? Doesn’t pass the “smell” test!


  7. So many stories do not make the news. This is simply awful, and definitely needs investigating. Everyone matters and deserves this.


    1. Thank you for expressing your concern. It is my belief we need to look for the “ROOT CAUSES” of problems to make our world an easier and better place to live in. Whether its health related or societal issues of discontent, we have a tendency to treat the symptoms. Bandages are only temporary solutions. We need leaders to organize people and represent ideas that will move us forward with new direction and better guidance. Where there is change, there are mistakes and setbacks. This is not the same thing as failure. Mistakes simply mean a course correction is needed. As we maneuver through life, small adjustments will help keep us positive and assist in forward progress. I hope this conveys an optimistic belief for the future. Progressing, however, will be challenging. Convincing Big Business and the poorest of individuals that “sharing” produces “wealth” for EVERYONE is an important concept but difficult to persuade. My intentions are to help educate as many people as possible and help those looking for options find a healthier and happier way of living.


  8. This is dry scary and if they are linked then it is even scarier. There is so. Uch that is hidden from the public that it is impossible to know the truth.


    1. My goal with these posts is to simply provide real unbiased information to help people make better decisions for themselves. My passion is health and I’d love to help influence people to make healthier decisions to live a better quality of life.

      I appreciate your comments and love your blog site.


    2. My goal with these posts is to simply provide real unbiased information to help people make better decisions for themselves. My passion is health and I’d love to help influence people to make healthier decisions to live a better quality of life.

      I appreciate your comments and love your blog site.


  9. Would love to know if Kansas Congressman is receiving contributions from GMO lobbyists…follow the money trail!

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