HEALTH ISSUES: How To Avoid Repeating The Same “MISTAKES?”

postive vs negativeI write about health because it is my PASSION. When I awaken in the morning I scan my mind for the potential activities of the day. I get excited about this daily ritual which always puts a smile on my face. Am I going to lift weights, bike ride, train on an elliptical, take Tucker (my beagle) to the park for a walk, run on the treadmill, etc… As many people read this and think to themselves, “this doesn’t sound very exciting or motivational,” I respectfully challenge your sentiments. Excitement and motivation starts in the mind. If you “think” of exercise as drudgery, it will always be viewed in a negative light. Negativity doesn’t inspire. The activities I mentioned provide me the physical and mental condition to do all the activities in life I choose to do. This reality I find very inspiring. My favorite physical activities are athletics (long distance bike touring, softball, golf, bowling, tennis, racquetball), and travel. It is important to me to plan these activities without concern about physical limitations. I want to participate and enjoy these activities without pain, fear of injury or lack of capability.  At nearly 56 years of age, I do not worry about “being the best.” I enjoy the comradery, the competition and the level of energy these activities provide. I am free to participate in any activity without fear of restrictions. I express this exuberance so people are aware that life’s limiting factors can be overcome. It all starts with deciding what is important. This is followed by a game plan to make it a reality.
Without a realistic game plan, it is merely a “wish.”
I am inspired by Bloggers, the Facebook community and Tweeters writing about challenges and hurdles they need to overcome. I have come to realize that I experience real emotional pain when I read about the recurring “mistakes” they make interfering with their progress. Although our comments to these people are well-intentioned, we have become enablers. We attempt to help others stay positive by saying things like:
  1. “tomorrow is another day”
  2. “you can do it”
  3. “no one is perfect, next time you’ll do better”
  4. “good for you for trying”
  5. “get back on that horse”
I have thought long and hard about this, because I did not want to irritate or anger anyone. My intent is to be empathetic and honest. Sometimes people need a dose of reality to change course and move forward. As we repeat actions over and over again that we know will interfere with our goals in life, we want our community to tell us its ok. The results of these comments become detrimental because they unintentionally wipe the slate clean without accountability. Human behavior is a difficult intangible part of us that reacts emotionally one time and rationally/logically another. We need approval with our recurring mistakes and this is exactly what the five statements above reinforce. It is my opinion that this is the wrong message.
It is human and even beneficial to make mistakes. They help redirect us to achieve new growth and development. When “mistakes” are repeated over and over again, there is an underlying behavioral issue not being addressed correctly. Once we receive “forgiveness” from the community without changing behavior to prevent this from recurring, we are inadvertently given permission to repeat the same “mistake”. I have seen these well-intentioned comments for people with chronic
  • weight problems
  • diabetes.
It is important that all readers understand how much I truly care to take the time to identify this potential problem. There is no personal gain from writing these words. I hope with all my heart that people recognize within themselves the need for this change I talk about. Once this change occurs, it then becomes possible to achieve additional success, fulfillment and happiness.
I leave you with the inspirational words spoken by Dicky Fox in the movie Jerry McGuire :

“Hey, I don’t have all the answers, in life, to be honest, I’ve failed as much as I’ve succeeded. But, I love my wife; I love my life and I wish you my kind of success!”


  1. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    I really believe it’s beneficial to make smaller goals that are easier to accomplish. I think some people focus too much on having the “perfect plan”. When something in the plan doesn’t go right they throw in the towel. Most of my days aren’t perfect, but I try anyway. If I make a goal to do jumping jacks for 3 minutes every hour of the day and I miss two hours – who cares! I still got some cardio in and that’s all that matters. If I plan on having a perfect day of eating and I end up eating a brownie, it’s not big deal! At least I still got in what I needed for proteins/fruits/veggies. Life is not perfect, you just have to try! 🙂

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    1. Very good points. In fact, perfectionists are not known as the “happiest” group of people. People who practice AND STICK WITH moderation have a tendency to do better. I also like your point about viewing accomplishment. You don’t focus on the trite mishaps; you focus on the successes. This doesn’t mean you should set a plan of action assuming you will make errors. It means if they do occur, the majority of the day was still a success. Life is a journey and it’s up to each of us to determine how fulfilling that journey will turn out.

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  2. I love the sound of an honest voice/post. I may not like to hear/read about my own failings in the moment that another attempts to redirect my efforts, but overall, I appreciate those who can be depended upon to tell the truth consistently.

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    1. Sometimes it is more difficult to say or do things to help others than to recite popular opinions. My value to people is only present if I can objectively respond to situations in an honest way. It doesn’t have to be BRUTAL HONESTY; it can be DIPLOMATIC HONESTY, but honesty none the less. I want to thank you for understanding the point of this article and commenting in a courteous manner. Wishing you continued success on your journey.

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  3. felicitykiwi · · Reply

    ‘Without a realistic game plan, it is merely a “wish.”
    ^^thank you for that, I need to keep reminding myself of this.

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    1. Finding a new path in life can be scary, but also very exciting. Discovering and experimenting are all part of the process. As dead ends are found, change direction. These changes can be very slight or extreme. See what your heart and your head tell you. As you gain experience with the process, the ebbs and flows become less volatile. Never quit. Never let impatience interfere with your goals. Wishing you much success and fun along the way.

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  4. This was a wonderful read. I push my self to only best myself. I want to stay in good physical shape so that I won’t have to rely on a pill or a special diet. Some days are harder than others but I don’t make excuses. I was just talking to someone today saying how thankful I am for the push-up challenge. My body needed this shock as I’ve been trying to make some gains for a long time now and have failed. This challenge, only being ten days into a twenty day challenge, I have seen great changes! It really is amazing. Since moving to this state about six years now I’ve notice an overall sluggish kind of feeling. Maybe getting used to the south coming from living by the beach my whole life, not sure what, but I’ve had trouble with breathing and a few things, anyway it seemed my “old” ways of working out just didn’t cut it. I think doing as many as I have is also the key. I’ve been shooting for 300. I took the weekend off to give my right tricep a break. I’d feared I’d torn it/over worked it. The rest worked! I was doing reps of 40 today. But I’m not going to get cheeky. Backing off so I don’t hurt myself. Again, great article. Enjoy your evening.

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    1. I’m certain you are your hardest critic. You are such an accomplished individual. You create (food and furniture), you raise children, you take care of multiple pets, you garden, you exercise, you write, etc… You have already accomplished more in your current lifespan than most people accomplish in a lifetime. I’m certain that as hard as you are on yourself, your just as proud. You deserve it!
      Thank you for the read. I appreciate your kind words and your motivation.
      Side Note: If the elbow keeps giving you a problem that means it’s time to start doing 1 arm Rocky style pushups!!! (LOL) 🙂

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      1. You are an incredible human to say such nice things. I wish more people would be as thoughtful. You know truly it takes a second to say something nice and so many lack that. Your words really touched me. I’ve had the hardest week of my life and someone like you who has really known me for a short time has not only remembered some things about me, but has taken the time. I thank you kind soul for being generous of your time and heart. I’ve got the Rocky song in my head! I did finish the night with 300 incline push-ups. 🙂

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        1. Caring about people is so much easier than being self centered. It’s part of self development and growth. The world becomes a friendlier place when people realize you actually care.
          Keep smiling, my friend.

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  5. BRAVO! What would your readers do without YOU!!??

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    1. Apparently I do have some value. The healthcare world has recognized my contribution (in the form of articles) as the first guaranteed cure for insomnia!!! Seriously, thank you as always for being so supportive. I am about to read your “Stuffed Zucchini post. Why is my mouth already watering?


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