Dr. Sherri Tenpenny wrote the following text. It is short, but provides important information every parent should be aware of.

What a poignant picture of vaccine damage. This picture was taken five days after the little girl received six vaccines – two days, as it turned out, before she died.

Cranial nerve VII, the facial nerve, was the one affected, causing the droop in the mouth. She’d suffered a stroke, caused by the vaccinations.

Tell anyone you know who may still be vaccinating to scrutinize their child’s face before and after the next round of shots, looking for any unilateral change. An eye moved to one side, a droop of one side of the mouth, a dimple suddenly disappeared – any asymmetry that wasn’t there before the shots. They can be temporary, but they’re all signs of serious injury.

The above story is not based on opinion. This little child is another example of why parents must be part of the process to determine the frequency and type of vaccines their children receive. Parents must be educated on the risks! Does it really make sense to expose a child this young to 6 different agents at one time? Is this type of schedule for the benefit of the health of the child or the convenience of the pediatrician?
It’s interesting that these stories never seem to make it to national TV news. Why is that? Why is a child’s death resulting from adverse reactions to medical care not news worthy? Is this child’s life less meaningful than any of the dozen reality TV shows currently airing on our major networks? Where have we placed our priorities?
Please don’t sit quietly on the sidelines and let the government dictate your family’s health care rights. Once again, I am NOT advocating PRO or ANTI VACCINATIONS. I am advocating for parents and their rights to make health care decisions  for themselves and their families.



    1. Thank you for re-blogging this message. I appreciate you helping pass this important information on to your readers.


      1. My heart goes out to the mother or parents of this beautiful little baby angel. The New Holocaust and war on “children” and private property sometimes artfully proscribed “children” by the states, and their “protective,” “vigilant” “high conflict” or “PTSD Mommies,” . . . but by original design . . . must be exposed, even if that is the goal.

        I, too, lost my “private proerty,” my only, but the difference is he is still alive. It seems so sacriligious and disrespectful to have to mourn for the loss of one’s child when there are so many “children” and “parents”/property owners who have wrongfully and (US) UN constitutionally lost theirs from this world.

        I am wondering if FOIA requests can even be made with regard to the non-disclosed sexploitation and unethical, involuntary, violent, cruel and unusual,
        And this, without “due compensation” “secured” outside of the original meaning of Amendment V to the Federal, US Constitution and Bill of Rights as ratified and applied directly to the people through the Fourteenth Amendment to it.

        I guess this is why my grandfather CHOSE to be an osteopath.

        Hoping you are not a troll or “con tractor.”

        But to those who are, I hope the message is clear and “unambiguous.”


  1. It was hard to read this post. I have never been in this situation with this type of outcome and do recall vaccinating our children without questioning the process. My wife and I were young parents, and we did what we had been told we should be doing to provide the best possible chance of our children remaining healthy. We achieved the intended outcome and therefore never considered the possibility that there is a risk to their health. never knew of the fact that sometimes vaccinations actually cause the opposite to what they intended to achieve. As a person that has experienced stroke and as a dad this is very difficult to accept. When speak on the topic of stroke prevention for the National Stroke Foundation in Australia my aim is to achieve three things.

    How to recognise the signs of Stroke,
    How to prevent Stroke and
    What to do if someone you come across is having a Stroke

    In the US to find out how to spot the signs of stroke FAST follow the link. It could save a life. http://www.strokeassociation.org/STROKEORG/

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    1. Thank you for the Web address. I’m certain your personal situation will influence many people at high risk for stroke. I hope the story I posted stimulates parents to question health care policies and to maintain their responsibility to make whatever choice is in the families best interest. Removing this right is a dangerous precedent.

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  2. This is so very sad. I’m not big on vaccines. Too much given at one time doesn’t make any sense. I’m also not big on the government telling us what to do. Your child must be vaccinated in order to be let into schools. Some let it slide on religious beliefs… I home schooled my kids. That too was illegal in some areas. I wished they’re let us do what we see fit to do vaccines do cause harm. They should also disclose what they are made out of. Some have some incredibly toxic stuff in them. No don’t inject me with that! Glad you posted this.

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    1. Thank you for expressing your opinion. I hope more parents stand up to protect their children by becoming more informed about the risks as well as the benefits of vaccinations. To leave these decisions in the hands of government policy makers would be a tragic mistake.

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  3. I have been out of town for a bit but I wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading your blogs every evening but was bummed my phone was acting up and I couldn’t comment on them ;-( Keep up the amazing job you do!

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    1. Hope your trip went well. I’m amazed there aren’t more broken windows as a result of broken phones and computers thrown through them!
      I truly appreciate you taking the time to read the articles. You’re a sweet person.


  4. I work with special needs children so vaccination is a hot topic in this group. It is always interesting to hear both sides of a story.


    1. What’s interesting is that most people read about vaccinations in an “all or nothing” light. I am trying to provide information so that people can be better informed to decide for themselves. I have always believed that whatever decision the individual makes for themself or their family is the RIGHT decision. My biggest concern is where conflicts of interest exist between the government, the pharmaceutical companies and the potential power to mandate decisions rather than relying on families and their ability to use good judgement. I believe I have more faith and confidence in our citizens than our government does.


  5. Wow. This is an article that can be easily misinterpreted if not read carefully. I am pro-vaccination and can explain the countless studies and trials that show for its favorable efficacy. I am not however well informed on the time between vaccinations and the effect it has on the child/subject/patient. I do know that there have been cautions to spread out vaccinations times to ensure the child can uptake and build resistance from antigens administered.

    I think one big detail that needs to be addressed is the shots that were given and the status of the child. I believe most antigens can produce an acute mild to moderate fever due to normal vaccination. Did the child have a fever? Also, how was the vaccinations administered? A sub-cu or IM could easily be placed incorrectly or even IV since it is a child right? Many questions that I wish to think about


    1. At this point in our political culture and speaking as a physician, I have learned that writing PRO or ANTI vaccination setiment is either damned or praised. It is infrequently incorporated into the brain’s data of knowledge useful for develping and altering opinions. Dr. Tenpenny has a clear stance on the subject matter. My intent was to express reservations permitting the government and the pharmaceutical companies from creating and implementing mandatory health care policy as it relates to this specific subject. There are huge conflicts of interest.

      With our improved standards of nutrition and hygiene and the understanding that most of diseases we are vaccinated for create minimal illnesses that ultimately provide better immunity once exposed, the health risks vs profit achieved becomes a debatable point. There are several points of concern that Dr. Terry Wahl, MD brings up as well which include:
      (1) adjuvants (mercury, aluminum, etc) in the vaccine needed to increase the immune response even though they create toxicity to the body
      (2) lack of research demonstrating safety in combining vaccines in 1 visit
      (3) liability protection for the drug companies and the development of unnecessary vaccines resulting from this protection
      (4) the short term basis by which vaccine studies have been studied to determine safety . Long term studies (over the lifespan of a person) have not been researched.

      In my opinion, there is a significant amount of credible research favoring both pro and anti-vaccinations. At this point, I would feel more comfortable trusting parents and their innate intelligence to make decisions about their children’s health and treatments. We, the clinicians, scientists and research specialists should continue to “bang heads” to increase the available information on which our opinions are to be based. We have an ethical and moral responsibility to our patients as well as our profession to remain open minded and listen to all sides. Our profession’s current dogmatic stance is impeding progress.

      You pose some good questions about this specific child and the unfortunate outcome. These, however, are risk factors and obviously can cause fatal outcomes as you mentioned. How many parents do you think are provided all of this information as part of the informed consent process prior to the administering of these injections?

      Sorry for the long winded response. I appreciate your feedback and the manner you provided your opinion. I’ll bet your future patients will receive the highest quality of care and appreciate you as their physician. If you ever want to go into greater detail, you can email me directly at jncthedc93@yahoo.com.

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  6. Can someone please site sources for this photo?? Local articles, obituary, anything…

    Doing a google search – the ONLY place this photo can be found is linked to Dr Tenpenny and her words “What a poignant picture of vaccine damage….”


    1. I wish I had a good answer for you. I simply forwarded this message and picture that was part of a story originating from GreenMedInfo.com. My intent was to provide additional information so that people are aware that risks are real and associated with vaccinations. I want parents given proper informed consent which ethically and morally should be provided by any quality physician. This issue needs further clarification by divulging all positive and negative information in an unbiased fashion.


  7. New law effective this summer in CA. All public school students must be vaxxed. No exemptions. We homeschoolers were protected at the eleventh hour. I birthed my son at home. He has never even had Tylenol, let alone antibiotics.


    1. First, please accept my delay in response. I have been handling a family passing over the last month. I am finally back in my home state and able to carry on with my blogging community.
      I am well aware of the new law that is creating precedents that many states are trying to follow. This is very dangerous. An individual vaccine is less dangerous than the vaccine policies and procedures. The healthcare field is going to eventually require compromise. With mandatory ADULT scheduling (from 18-death) circulating in congress, the risk/reward benefits are likely to be seen as financial rather than scientific research showing increased morbidity and mortality. Parents must continue to fight to gain a role in determining the best course of action for their families. I started a petition (attached) welcoming your signature if you agree with its content. It is requesting major networks to provide better information to the public by credentialled professionals on all sides of the issues (rather than the typically slanted reporting. The petition can be found at: https://www.change.org/p/cnn-anderson-cooper-erin-burnett-i-am-respectfully-requesting-a-forum-for-debate-consisting-of-physicians-and-research-scientists-with-credible-research-peer-reviewed-professional-publications-representing-both-sides-of-childhood-preventative-medical? You should be taken directly to the site by clicking this hyper-link.
      I am glad you see the benefits in natural health and healing. Our bodies are designed for health, not disease. If we get out of our own way (better eating, exercise, stress reduction, quality sleep, hydration, social and spiritual balance) our bodies would likely perform at a substantially healthier level. I hope your son passes the traditions you have taught him on to others. Thank you for your contribution to this article.


        1. Thank you for your support


  8. Crucial topic Doc … I have a friend with a very challenged son and he is concerned with the young man’s ability to survive any vaccine … but governments are dictating health terms!?!


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