targeted-therapies-illustrationAnyone that has been given the diagnosis CANCER goes through various stages. Initially there is great fear. It is believed that a “death sentence” was just handed down. Many times this is followed by denial. If the disease is denied, life continues as “normal.” Eventually acceptance becomes reality and ultimately treatment is pursued. The question I pose is, “what kind of treatment?”
The traditional medical model provides three options:
  1. Surgery
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation
These options attempt to “kill” the disease INDEPENDENT OF THE BODY.
As we all know, prior to the diagnosis of cancer, any time a disease infiltrated the body, our IMMUNE SYSTEMS performed their job to “kill” the invader. A healthy intact immune system prevents diseases from overcoming the body. When chemotherapy and radiation are used, their unfortunate side effects are to severely damage the immune system. Just when you need your “army” at maximal function, the traditional treatments render it useless in many cases. The traditional approach attempts to side step the body and the way it normally functions. The hope is that a person is strong enough to withstand the poisoning process. Basically this means the doctors administering these treatments are hoping the cancer “dies” before their patient does.
Questions that need to be answered prior to starting treatment:
  1. How do these methods of treatment prevent the return of the disease?
  2. What steps does traditional medicine take after these treatments to re-strengthen your immune system?
  3. What are the permanent damaging side effects of these treatments?
  4. How will these treatments affect the quality of your life?
  5. What are the success rates for 10, 15, 20 years later? (Why is success based on a 5 year number?)
  6. WHAT OTHER OPTIONS EXIST BESIDES THE “BIG 3” (Surgery, Chemo and Radiation?)
The video at the end of this post is only 6 minutes in length. It will provide you with interesting facts you might not be aware of. The one question I hear all the time is, “if these methods effectively treat patients with cancer, why is mainstream medicine not using them?” Sometimes questions are best responded to with other questions. “Is it possible that the current method of care (which commonly results in new cancer findings and recurring chemo and radiation treatments) which generate billions of dollars for the drug and medical industry minimize the incentives to offer less costly procedures with fewer side effects that treat the disease by STRENGTHENING rather than WEAKENING the immune system? If a medical education only teaches the “Big 3” methods, how can we expect doctors to offer any other options? This is all they know! It becomes the consumer’s responsibility to investigate other LEGITIMATE OPTIONS. (These other options should NEVER be classified as alternatives. Since they work, they need to be incorporated in mainstream health care!)
In many cases optimal results can best be achieved by BLENDING traditional and natural methods. This would include LOW DOSE chemo (without the hair loss and vomiting) along with natural agents that make cancer cells more permeable and act as cytotoxic agents to “kill” cancer cells and SPARE healthy cells. This method provides your body with the TOOLS necessary to combat cancer. The disease is therefore managed by working WITH the immune system rather than DESTROYING it.
This view of cancer treatment will help reduce the fears the diagnosis creates and makes the treatment more humane. Strengthening and supporting the immune system by providing good sources of nutrition to feed the healthy cells is much more appealing than “killing” a disease with poisons and hoping the patient outlives the treatments.
After viewing the video, please share your thoughts about these options.


  1. Bridgette's Digits 🔛 An Epic Weight Loss Journey · · Reply

    Being a Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor (five years out) and with you being a MD surly know what that means. No other treatments once chemo, surgery and radiation are done. My greatest fear is of its return. Great read. ~brïdgêtté


    1. As a DC I have dealt with many patients with breast cancer. Yes, I am aware of the term “triple negative.” I have also had a sister and mother treated for this disease. It is important to remember that cancer is the RESULT of a body experiencing deficiencies and weaknesses. I used to tell my patients that cancer doesn’t make us sick. A sick body provides an opportunity for cancer to develop and thrive. There is a big difference in these two sentences.

      Lifestyle modification is crucially important to minimize the risk of recurrence. Strengthening the immune system, providing nutrition unfriendly to cancer cells, increasing the body’s oxygenation through exercise (cancer hates an aerobic environment) and ultimately detoxifying one’s body (as a result of cancer treatments) are just a few of the steps my patients were advised to take. It is important to think in terms of HEALTH and not simply disease. The natural thought is to “cut”, “poison” and or “burn” this enemy. Providing your body with the tools necessary to unmask cancer cells allows your natural killer cells (a type of white blood cell) to do their job. This approach has helped many people “live their lives” rather than focusing on 5 year or 10 year survival numbers. Congratulations on fighting the battle and winning! Wishing you the best a healthy lifestyle can offer and success in achieving ongoing good health!

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      1. Bridgette's Digits 🔛 An Epic Weight Loss Journey · · Reply

        Thank you for your clinician’s insight and well wishes. ~bridgette

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