I Can Do ItMany of us know that our weight is a problem, however, it really doesn’t interfere with our abilities to do the daily tasks at hand. We know it leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, liver disease, gall bladder disease, high cholesterol, stroke and cancer. The list is pretty long, but the fear factor isn’t REAL to us. We know about these conditions, but unless we taste, touch, feel, smell or experience them, they aren’t truly real. How do I know this? I know this by listening to people. I hear them make comments like,
  1. “I know I should lose weight.”
  2. “My clothes are telling me I need to lose weight.”
  3. “The doctor told me I need to lose weight.”
  4. “I don’t like the way I look.”
The FEAR FACTOR about maintaining too much weight or gaining additional weight is not enough incentive to change our behavior. When life threatening situations seem imminent, we call on God and promise to make changes if he assists us in our hour of need. What prevents us from changing behavior short of near death experiences?
  1. Genetics – we like to blame genetics on this weight problem. Doctors are trying to find science to back this belief because billions of dollars would be generated if this was true. New drugs would become the “answer.”  The problem is, science (at this time) only holds genetics accountable 10% or less of the time.

  2. Diet – diets don’t work!!! Short term weight loss is possible using diets, but weight maintenance is only successful 5% or LESS of the time. That means that 95% of the people who diet will regain the weight (and typically more.) With this knowledge people continue to turn to diets for weight loss. They believe that temporarily sacrificing their usual behavior for an unappealing daily food agenda will help them achieve weight loss. Weight loss is NOT ABOUT PUNISHMENT.

  3. Laziness – there I said it so get your frustration and anger out NOW. We don’t “want” to give up the foods we like. We feel a sense of entitlement and the right to reward ourselves for working hard and being good people. Shouldn’t a reward be something that’s good for you? Why would something that leads to diseases and a shortened life expectancy be called a reward? How about trading in the pizza and cake for a health spa treatment if you want a reward?

  4. Selfishness – if you didn’t get angry before, this reason may do it. We are responsible to more than just ourselves. If we are parents, we have children relying on our guidance. What examples are we creating for our children when we teach them that health has little value. If we have significant others, we have silently or openly stated vows or promises to each other. Do these promises include burdening each other with self inflicted health issues hindering a quality of life for both people?

Weight problems are not caused by one factor. Emotions play a big role that doctors and diets rarely address. Unfortunately most people focus on negative aspects of life rather than positive aspects. Why not look at this article as a wake up call to turn the tides. I am proposing a weight loss challenge. Here are the rules:
  • Your GOAL must be IMPROVED HEALTH, NOT weight loss. Improved health WILL result in weight loss.
  • You must start by eating the SAME FOODS you currently are eating. For meals, you will use salad size dishes instead of dinner plates to eat your meals on. No eating in front of the TV. If you currently eat snacks (potato chips, pretzels, doritos, etc…) you can’t eat out of the bag. You can choose 1 snack per meal, but it has to fit on a tea or coffee cup plate. (smaller than the salad plate) Don’t choose a snack if you are not really in the mood. No eating out of boredom!
  • If you eat fast food, you will reduce the frequency to no more than 2X/week. Total meals eaten outside the house per week (including fast food) should not exceed 3 meals. If you don’t like to cook, find easy foods to eat at home with good nutritional value. Examples could include: (1) greek yogurt, (2) chicken, (3) fish, (4) eggs, (5) lower salt soups, (6) beans and brown rice (7) vegetable, (8) fruits.  These are examples of foods that are fast and easy to prepare and will help improve your meal choices over time.
  • If you want a between meal snack, you must first drink 6 oz. of water, have 1-2 servings of vegetables and go for a 5 minute walk. Upon returning, if you still truly want the snack, go for it. (remember, snacks must fit on the coffee cup plate.)
  • A 6 oz. glass of water must be consumed before and after each meal. A 6 oz glass of water must be consumed before or with each snack.
  • 5 minutes of walking 5 days a week. It must be continuous (does not have to be fast) for the entire 5 minutes.
  • You must minimize salt intake. You don’t have to avoid it, but be aware that fast food, meals out, canned goods, prepared meals are all high in salt. Reducing salt will help shed water weight.
Weigh yourself to get an accurate starting point. Weigh yourself ONE time per week at the same time of the MORNING after getting out of bed and BEFORE eating or drinking anything. Record the weight and forget about it! You will do this for 8 weeks. At the end of 8 weeks, you will add all the weigh in values together and divide by 8. This will show whether you successfully lost weight by comparing this value with the original weigh in value. You will notice, I didn’t make anyone give up any food they enjoy. The object of this challenge is to prove you can become a healthier person (resulting in weight loss) without feeling like you’re being punished. In addition, as you become healthier, your desire for different foods will become more evident. You won’t have the same attraction for the addictive damaging processed foods your currently eating. This is called “Creative Lifestyle Planning” (requiring some reasonable compromises) yet realistic for anyone that chooses the challenge.

I would love to hear your thoughts BEFORE you begin the challenge; DURING the challenge, and at the END OF THE FIRST 8 WEEKS. Your participation and COMMENTS will help motivate family members, friends and reader’s of this blog site. Thank you for participating and making a difference.



  1. Sounds great! When is the start day?

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    1. The day you can look into the mirror and say to yourself, “I’m ready to create a lifetime strategy for success.” Hopefully you’re motivated and ready to start.

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      1. Today then!

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        1. Enjoy the experience. The beauty of this style of eating is that as you SLOWLY (which may be frustrating in the short term, but leads to long term SUCCESS) lose the weight, you will not feel like you are on a DIET. In addition, once you get to a level where you want to maintain your weight loss, your eating habits DO NOT CHANGE. This is a HUGE difference between diets and lifestyle eating. As a matter of fact, once you reach a level you want to maintain, it will require a slight INCREASE in food quantity. Remember, if you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to ask. Congratulations on starting the journey.

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  2. Hey Jonathan, too late for me. I’m already down the road. I’ve gone from 222 to 208 and on my way to 195 by July 28. The computer program has been a big help in tracking what I eat and learning from the numbers. Thanks buddy! Keep up the great work.

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    1. Glad to hear about your success. How difficult was it for you to change old habits for new ones?


  3. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    It’s time for me to get started! 🙂

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    1. Looking forward to hearing your progress (if you are comfortable sharing.) It is especially beneficial if you talk about hurdles and what you did to overcome them.

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      1. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

        I look forward to sharing!

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  4. I am up for the challenge. I love the tip of walking, driking water and having veggies before snacking. This will likely solve the snacking problem. Great motivational list and not the typical stuff.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback. Since you already live an active life I’m looking forward to your feedback along the way. Creating a lifestyle eating plan that is REALISTIC and SUCCESSFUL has been challenging. I have edited the plan through multiple drafts to come to the suggestions I have made. People like the fact that they CAN continue to eat foods they enjoy without guilt. Once a desired weight is attained, the only difference is eating pattern (believe it or not) will be the need to slightly INCREASE the quantity of food. The transition is so much easier than traditional diet programs.

      Looking forward to hearing about your journey. Please feel free to list any difficulties along the way as well as steps you took to overcome these difficulties. In doing so, other readers will be able to succeed using your recommendations. Thank you.

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  5. elaine · · Reply

    This is a great way to transition into a healthier lifestyle! It’s not overwhelming and is doable. Who can’t “fit in” 5 minutes of walking per day?

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    1. I call it baby steps. The biggest problem is patience. People want quick changes and this is designed for SLOW LONG TERM RESULTS. People that are truly ready to CHANGE will find this appealing and will succeed. Those looking to place blame on anything other than themselves will add this method to the list of failures. Better health starts in the HEAD!


  6. All good advice…but… just eating less may help some shed some excess weight…but to really become healthier people need to learn about good calories and bad…healthy foods vs processed foods. Your body is built and repaired by what you put in it and on it… You literally ARE what you eat…and if all you put into your body is chemicals and sugar, you’re not going to last long…whether you’re slim or overweight. Definitely agree that people need to take ownership of their health…that’s what I did…I’m not skinny, I’m healthy and happier than I’ve been for the last few years. I’m now careful what I put inside me…this body is the only one I’ve got!! 😊

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    1. You are absolutely correct. What I have learned over the last 20 years of implementing this program is people need gradual changes to reduce food addiction. As their bodies acclimate to the changes, the food cravings change as well. It becomes easier for the “dieter” to modify their food choices at this point because the frustration and sense of loss of control has improved. Exercise also becomes less daunting a task and becomes a bigger priority making compliance better. All of this starts the path to quality changes.

      The ultimate goal is to help people achieve the level of change THEY want. I always thought by educating people, they would want similar goals as mine. I was naive and learned from experience to help people on the level they wish to be helped on. It is their bodies and they have the right to choose their lifestyle.

      I hope as people take the challenge and gain greater confidence, they will choose to want a lifestyle similar to the one you mention. I believe it is healthier and provides the essential nutrients to facilitate a lifestyle based on quality living.

      Great feedback. Thank you for adding real quality to the comments.

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      1. So glad you took it the way it was meant…not as simply criticism. I totally understand what you mean, people have to make their own changes…too much too soon often leads to failure. Friends and family have said they’ve been inspired by my change…but are unwilling to do what I have done as it doesn’t fit their lifestyle…but they’ve made changes that do fit 😊 I researched and thought about what I wanted to do…then found the easiest way for me to implement it. Also, and quite importantly, I changed the way I viewed my thoughts…that inner critic that always says “you can’t”…got ignored and replaced by “don’t know until you try!!” 😊

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        1. It sounds like you may have overcome some fears and decided to step “outside the box.” You also decided to take self responsibility by researching what was necessary for you to become healthy. Part of my mission is to help people get to “that place” to have the confidence to pursue what you have already successfully chosen. You have developed real strength and are willing to stand up for what you believe in. This is a tremendous attribute. Anyone that views this in a negative light (such as a threat) is simply insecure in their own beliefs.

          Keep shouting your beliefs. People will definitely listen!

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          1. Thank you 😊 I’m not one for shouting…but I do like sharing ideas!

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  7. It is about health. If you do it to improve health, the weight goes away. From the time my kids were little I’d tell them we are exercising our hearts. (I’d never say we are doing this to stay thin and I meant it because I really feel we need to exercise our hearts… The rest will fall into place) Our heart is a muscle and we want to keep it strong. We’d do fun stuff like jump around like a rabbit. (This was when they were like three!) and now we do stuff like play football and basketball and well you get the picture. Now they are in their twenties but the “health” of it has stayed with them. They have learned about eating good goods and exercise. Hey there’s pizza and ice cream but all in moderation! Thank you for sharing these amazing tips and suggestions. 🙂

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    1. We need another 1,000,000 of you to help change this world for the better. I think your attitude, philosophy and ability to modify behavior based on the situation you’re in are amazing attributes. When I talk about success in life, I define the life you are living. You are an inspiration. Keep enjoying life!!

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      1. I can say the same of you! 🙂

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