I must preface this post with “I am NOT an anti-Vaxxer.” Nor do I trust every word the gov’t and medical institutions voice as gospel. There is a “place of reason and common sense somewhere in the middle.” Currently, the CDC recommends 69 doses of 16 vaccines from a child’s first day of life through the age of eighteen. I question the SCHEDULE and the QUANTITY of vaccinations attempting to be mandated by law. Whether it’s natural or prescriptive, the least amount of any substance producing the maximal benefit allowing the body optimal function is the quantity I believe in. The concept that “a little is good, therefore a lot must be great,” is untrue and potentially dangerous. The CDC is also recommending up to an additional 72 doses of 13 different vaccines from age nineteen to death. ADULT vaccinations are unlikely the missing component to the improved health status of our adult population. Fewer burgers and more vegetables will improve the quality and quantity of more lives than any vaccine will. Why has 160 cases of measles in a California theme park (where NO ONE HAS DIED) created a frenzy requiring immediate changes to our laws?
When a process starts with good intentions and billions of dollars supersede the original purpose, we need to OPEN OUR EYES AND EARS and ask ourselves, “is the motive truly in our best interest?”
In my opinion, each person should have the right to make that decision. Please don’t let this issue be swept under the rug. Remember the same gov’t agencies and medical institutions use to say “Smoking was good for you.” See for yourself. (The commercial follows a 15 second ad. It’s worth your time.)


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but the way I understand these were the private commercials, paid for and ran by the cigarettes manufacturers, not the government agencies. Likewise house calls were lumped into the commercial. Back then the hospitals couldn’t advertise their services as this was deemed unethical. Look at what’s happening now. Things evolve with time, that’s all.

    As far as vaccinations, my kids had them all, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Myself as an adult, I only had a few that were mandatory for work, such as Hepatitis B and a few others but that’s it. I have always objected a flu shot as this one has a little known side effect of causing a permanent damage to the nervous system; I never had a flu.

    Very informative, thanks for posting this.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. You are absolutely correct about the commercial I placed in the blog. It was paid for by private cigarette manufacturers. The main point was that truth and reality change over time. Sometimes truth is covered up for many years causing much human suffering in exchange for profit. This is unacceptable in a civilized culture. The sanctity of human life should never be compromised for profit. If we learned from mistakes of the past (ex. spraying children with dioxin, smoking cigarettes as a healthy choice) we wouldn’t repeat them. It is just my opinion, but I believe we continue to make similar mistakes today that will affect the lives of our children tomorrow (ex. GMO foods, processed foods, meats filled with hormones and anti-biotics, etc…)

      As far as vaccines are concerned, I support your decision to vaccinate your children. I believe you did so with the intention of protecting them from disease and harm. I believe that all parents should be allowed to have the same right to protect their families whether choosing to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. As you probably noticed, one of my biggest concerns was the SCHEDULE and QUANTITY of vaccines given during a single office visit. We do not have scientific evidence of the interaction of 4-5 multiple vaccines and the possible increased risk of injuries by creating this type of schedule. As far as an additional (up to) 72 adult vaccines from 18 to death, there is no scientific merit proving any statistical difference in morbidity or mortality. Again, if adults WANT the vaccines, they should have the right to choose them. If they don’t, it should not be imposed on them.

      I appreciate your honest feedback and your willingness to stand fast to your opinions. It is honest open dialogue that helps everyone develop their opinions. I look forward to reading more on your site, learning more from your research and maintaining a respectful courteous dialogue in the future.

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