We live in a very complicated world. It seems that the central theme is based on GROWTH. Businesses have to grow; countries have to grow; people have to grow. The way we tend to go about this process is typically at each other’s expense. The diplomatic term is “competition.” Competition separates people and creates a survival attitude for growth. American politics is a classic example. When is the last time you saw a candidate focus on their individual record and their individual accomplishments WITHOUT using some form of media to denigrate their opponent? Why do we feel the need to compare “good and bad” to justify our actions?

Interestingly, if we tried a positive new positive approach, it would likely be met with trepidation and skepticism. “What’s in it for you” would be a typical reaction. What are we doing to create this lack of trust and compassion?

It is my opinion that THE ROOT CAUSE of our problems are never addressed. As a doctor with 20+ years of experience, I have never made a patient well. When is the last time you heard a doctor make a comment like this? I have followed all the protocols and assigned a diagnosis to all my patients as the system mandated.  I have treated my patients with great success and affected the “symptoms” they presented with. This, however, rarely resulted in good patient health. Instead, the result following our “model of competition”, was good financial health for the doctor. Why are we more focused on growing our practices and hoarding patients away from the “competition” than focusing on the patients’ needs and helping them achieve their goals? Where is the conflict of interest between learning the ROOT CAUSE of our patient’s problems, demonstrating true compassion and empathy during office visits, and having a practice that grows naturally as a result of this type of care. This changes the paradigm from business focused health care to patient focused health care.

The term ROOT CAUSE refers to the ORIGIN. The health care business model provides a 5-15 minute patient interaction. How can we possibly in this short a period of time acquire the necessary information to understand the ROOT CAUSES of our patients’ problems. This short window of time gives an experienced physician a chance to find some tangible problem where a diagnosis can be attached and a treatment dispensed. The “conveyor belt practice” then places a new patient in front of us to repeat the same process. The faster the belt moves, the more “successful” the practice. When did the value of human life become so trivial?

It’s time to change the system. It’s time to prove that altruism exists. It’s time to prove a doctor can provide a better service with better patient results AND financial results than today’s business health care model. Where do we start?

  1. The ROOT CAUSE is found within the individual. It consists of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual properties that are interwoven like a spider’s web. They are NOT separate distinct components. We, in the health care field, are missing this concept. We believe that the psychiatrist can treat the mental part; the intern can treat the physical part, etc…  This is not good health care; this is simply patch work.
  2. People need to begin creating personal time. We live in a busy time consuming world, but if we don’t figure a way to prioritize our needs, we can never attain good health. We need to stop making excuses and start reshaping our structured lifestyles.
  3. We need to recognize our innate goodness and kindness and begin reaching out to others in need. This gift of caring satisfies the needs of BOTH the giver and receiver.  These actions and outcomes help motivate this behavior to repeat itself.
  4. We need to shed some baggage. Life and its experiences creates negative feelings we commonly harbor without cognitive awareness. Anger, hostility, resentment and frustration are just a few of these emotions placed on the “back burner” in our brains that are more self destructive than we realize. These emotions lead to all types of diseases. They are typically part of the ROOT CAUSES of ill health. This is one reason most doctors FAIL at helping their patients achieve optimal health. They are so focused on isolating the disease and “killing” it they forget that optimal health is not merely the absence of disease. 
  5. We need to be thankful. We need to open our eyes and ears and take in more of the beauty this world possesses. We need to begin working together to nurture each other. More communal types of activity will enrich our childrens’ lives. It will teach them how to prosper without doing so at another person’s expense. It will teach them how to balance independency with inter-dependency.
  6. Finally, we need to discover PASSION. I have found that passion about people, activities and events profoundly impacts the quality of one’s health. It adds so much meaning and joy to our lives. Surprisingly, so few people can answer the question, “what passions in life do you experience that make each day a new opportunity to look forward to?”

I hope people read this with an open mind and introspect about its content. Life is dynamic and always changing. Understanding your ROOT CAUSES and the limitations they are placing on your health and your ability to experience happiness are reversible. The six steps above may be part of the solution in creating a better and healthier you as well as a better and healthier WORLD.

  • What ROOT CAUSES can you share with the readers preventing you from achieving the level of health and happiness you deserve?
  • What steps would you recommend to help people overcome these hurdles?


  1. My fist meeting with a psychiatrist 3 years ago he told me the cure I needed was a year on a beach. We chose drugs instead. Maybe I should find that beach.

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  2. The cool part is EVERY beach has the cure. The location (of the beach) is just the starting point!

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  3. Hi good person who sent me the dearest post today. I’ve written some of my best books while hanging out on a beach. St. Augustine Beach, New Jersey Shore, Cape May and yes, California and Seattle. Romance/Suspense, Mature romance-“it isn’t over ’til it’s over”- and show business stories. The prob is promo and social media takes so much time and I guess I’m not reaching the right audience for big sales. I’m like Grandma Moses except she made a huge success in the art world. Twenty five stories and I don’t think anyone knows my name. What the heck! My son wrote a terrific article in the Huffington Post about me posted May 13. “Elderly Mom writes. . .” He lives in Denmark.
    Thanks for reaching out, my friend.


    1. Ms. Gordon,
      Feel free to refer to me as Jonathan. The fact that you continue to write and stay active proves to many people how successful you’ve become. Many people reach great levels of wealth knowing the right marketing and advertising, yet never no what happiness is. Can anyone truly be successful if they never live a life filled with joy and happiness? If you love to write, keep doing so. Those that are supposed to read your work will. Best of continued success..


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