After getting the mail this morning I actually took the time to look at the flyers in the “junk mail.” There were 5 flyers and here is what they offered.  Not one flyer offered a healthy picture as an option. You can click on each photo if you want the details.

20150602_123356 20150602_123310 20150602_123245 20150602_123201 20150602_123147

This type and quality of advertising is making it very difficult for the consumer to balance their eating habits. It is clear that obesity has become a major growing problem destroying the quality of human life at an astronomical cost physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. How do we overcome the advertising blitzing campaigns these mega corporations inundate us with on a daily basis? Do they care that obesity destroys people while using their money for self gain? What can the consumer do to reverse this trend?
Just like any addiction, we need to recognize that food addiction is a reality. It controls our minds and dictates our actions.  We know these “food” choices are bad choices, yet the addiction compels us to repeat the same behaviors over and over again. We can lay blame on the corporations, but the reality is they are providing a product the consumer wants.
Grocery stores take full advantage of this knowledge. There stores are designed to “feed the frenzy”. What type of foods are located at the registers? The healthier foods are usually found around the perimeters of the store. Consumer traffic is monitored to gain advantage for best food sales. Have you ever thought what percentage of food in a grocery store is even healthy? So, how do we turn the tables around to expose ourselves to a better quality food in a friendly environment while supporting our local businesses that continue to meet our needs?
  1. Throw away coupon flyers for food. Don’t tempt yourself with the “low cost discounts”, because they don’t save you money in the long run. If you need prescriptive medications; if you can’t perform basic activities because of your weight or your health; if the result of these foods require surgery or kill you, they really weren’t discounts after all.
  2. If you need heart surgery, you don’t go to your family medical doctor for the procedure.  In the same thinking, if you need meat, go to the best meat source, the butcher. If you need produce, go to a farmers markets. Use grocery stores as the “fill in” rather than “FOOD CENTRAL.” This will take you out of an environment filled with temptation and place you in a smaller, more personable environment with healthier choices, better customer service and better selections to choose from.
  3. Reduce the frequency of using fast food restaurants. I use the term BALANCE all the time. It’s not about abstaining; it’s about redistributing the frequency and quantity of less healthy options. This will force the fast food industry to modify their business model offering better food choices to the consumer. This has already begun with the new restaurant classification of “casual fast food.”  Chipotle is an example of this new category. Fresher foods, non GMO products are all part of this new wave.
  4. Dare I say, prepare some meals at home instead of eating out (or ordering take out and delivery.) You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to eat at home. Concerns about food preparation and time does NOT have to be a concern. Become innovative. Learn to multi-task. Bake or broil foods while you handle other responsibilities at home. Learning this skill can save you enough money over a year to to purchase a really nice VACATION. Is McDonald’s multiple times a week worth giving up a cruise or land vacation to the Caribbean Islands?
  5. Play a game I call  “Trade a Meal.” Exchange 1 unhealthy meal or food choice 3X/week with a satisfying, yet healthy alternative. As you continue this process over time, your alternative food selections become the standard food choices. Since the process is gradual, the feelings of deprivation are avoided. This also reduces cravings because hormones that trigger cravings are no longer activated.
All of these steps lead to better SELF CONTROL. Improving self control leads to an increase in SELF CONFIDENCE. Instead of the vicious cycle that most of us follow, this new road will be more palatable (excuse the pun) and easier to achieve than trying drastic measures that either fail or produce short term results.

Since many of you have helped in the past, I’d love to hear your suggestions that could be added to the list to reduce the overwhelming unhealthy food choices we’re exposed to today?


  1. I felt my pants getting tighter and my arteries constricting just viewing this post.


    1. Not you, Chris. You have already moved in a healthier (and happier) direction. I’m just waiting for you to give me the “sign” to use you as an example of a person that has righted themselves. I guarantee you will inspire people in the future. Thank you for making me laugh!

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      1. Here it is: “the sign”

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  2. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    You are right about how advertisers push bad food! I fell victim to eating a donut today and now feel extremely guilty. I worked out with a personal trainer for 2 years off and on and was at a healthy 120 lbs. Now after a torn bicep and MCL, I have gained back 25 lbs! The pull of food is horrible for me since I’m a bit depressed from not being able to workout. I need to get myself back in order! I’m happy I found your blog and I’m looking forward to reading some more! 🙂

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    1. I can understand your feelings. I always recommend re-focusing on moving in a more balanced direction in life. It’s not about perfection; it’s about quality and finding happiness.

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      1. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

        Very true! 🙂

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  3. I recommend online food shopping and delivery. The waft of sweet cinnamon in supermarkets is like something from Charlie and the chocolate factory to me.
    Never thought of the McD equation. A few £/$s here and there, regularly – or fewer of these and a lovely vacation. Interesting.


    1. It is difficult to find the motivating factors to help people modify their behavior. Pain and Pleasure seem to be the two factors that create the most significant changes. Rather than simply approaching this blog from the negative (pain) perspective, I thought some positive stimulus (pleasure) namely a vacation might create some thought.

      Online shopping is a great suggestion. Thrive is a company I recently heard about that is supposed to be a good company to work with. I am just starting my investigation so I can’t recommend yet.

      Thank you for offering your comment. The more people that offer constructive ideas, the more choices available for those desperately looking for solutions.


      1. Absolutely. Here in the UK the way we go food shopping is changing. Away from big supermarkets to smaller shops and home delivery. It’s fascinating how much it’s changed. Loving the positive vibes.

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  4. SOOO TRUE! It will cost you way more in the long run. So you will eat something off the dollar menu but pay $150.00 for heart medication!? That’s crazy.

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    1. People have a tendency to think about “today” only. The big picture is lifelong and significantly more costly in both quality of life and expenses if ignored.

      Let’s see if some of those recipes of yours doesn’t change people’s attitude about good taste and healthy choices!


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