1healthy-diet-plans-to-lose-weight-eating-plan-to-lose-weight-article-a-1050x697It is my belief, the answer is YES! Every diet plan can work, just not for every one. Although we all start as one cell, somewhere along the way we differentiate into individuals. Although good explanations do not currently exist, each of us have different conditions that maximize our health. Some people choose the vegan approach, some the primal approach, some the Mediterranean approach and some the “junk food” approach. The important thing to realize is that each method works for some population of people. The object is to find the LIFESTYLE that works best for you; the individual.

Attached to this post are 4 links for four very different nutrition ideas. ALL have proven effective for better health and weight loss for some segment of the population. If you don’t know where to begin, review these four options and see which seems the most appealing. This will help reduce your stress about food choices and help guide you in a healthier direction. View these options while RELAXED; a heightened state of stress will just make these options an additional source of stress. The links are as follows:


Remember, food is ONLY 1 component to a healthy and happy lifestyle. BALANCING your physical, personal, professional and spiritual life are equally important in achieving a sense of completeness.

Please let me know which nutrition plan seems the most appealing to your taste and what made the plan so appealing? With so much confusion, your feedback will likely align with other readers and help motivate them to begin a plan of action. I look forward to your responses. Thank you.


  1. Have your heard of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition? I’m a health coach and was trained through them – your post reminds me of many of the things they teach. One of the main principles they focus on is called “bioindividuality” and it’s the idea that no one diet works for everyone – what makes me feel good and helps me achieve a healthy weight, might make you feel sick and have no energy. And what you talk of – balancing physical, personal, professional and spiritual life is also something they teach – they refer to those as “primary foods”, actual food we eat is “secondary food” – if we nourish primary food, secondary food becomes a lot easier and more effective. Anyhow, just thought you might find the parallels interesting!

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    1. Andrea, Please accept my apology in delay of response. It sounds like my philosophy (which took 20+ years to develop and fine tune) aligns well with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I would also like to congratulate you on your successful physical, mental and spiritual transformation. People with weight management difficulties relate so much better to those that stood in their shoes. You sound like a high energy positive person with a lot to offer the public.

      Social media, web and blog sites are growing by leaps and bounds. This is crucial, because people listen to large numbers for information. Large corporations with large financial lobbying interests used to direct the consumer with inaccurate information. Today, little people like the two of us make honest unbiased information available to the public. We don’t tell them what to do; we simply make certain they have accurate information to make informed decisions for themselves. Our information IS reaching the public! When Chipotle announced their products would no longer contain GMO, I knew our information WAS reaching the public. The consumer is beginning to see the truth and will force companies like Monsanto to rethink their business practices.

      Isn’t it wonderful waking each morning knowing that our mission is to help others understand the various steps needed to improve their quality of living. I wouldn’t trade this PASSION for anything. I welcome your energy and comments always.

      Thank you for your thoughtful message. I look forward to following your site. Best in health and best in continued success.


  2. Each of these plans has advantantages and disadvantages. It’s good to know the numbers (grams, calories etc.) especially if you are starting in a new direction. I agree there is no “one size fits all” program but certain concepts will work for the majority. By and large we need to focus on eating more real food and less refined, processed junk. (I call them “garbohydrates”!) The Lean and Clean Meal Plan I developed is available on my page.

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    1. Jason,
      I like the way you think. While many people squabble over diet plans, everyone agrees that processed and refined foods offer little if any real nutritional value. One of my articles dealt with the concept of the three overlapping rings. The common point of intersection is a great place to start when modifying a nutrition plan. It adds confidence since there is a great level of support for these ideas. Examples include (1)reducing or eliminating processed foods (as you suggested), (2)increasing water consumption, (3)reducing a sedentary lifestyle by participating in more activities that require MOTION, etc… When people start with concepts with widespread support FIRST, they are more likely to improve their quality of life. Individuals can then tailor the nutrition plan as well as the rest of the lifestyle plan as desired and/or needed.
      Great feedback. Thank you.

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  3. None of those plans specifically appeals to me and since I am Diabetic I need to go low carb, lower than the ADA recommends because that is too many carbs for me. As it is for a lot of Diabetic people. I have found most Diabetics follow a stricter lower carb diet than the ADA recommends.

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    1. I agree with you Tessa. I asked the question about the different nutrition plans to hopefully stimulate people to think about what they are currently doing. I wanted people to realize that we need to find what works best for the individual. In your case, diabetes adds another factor which needs consideration when meal planning. I wish the public new half as much about nutrition as you apparently do. Implementing knowledge is one of the keys to succeed.

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      1. Thanks I do know a lot about nutrition. I learned alot when I was first diagnosed but refused to follow it. Now I see what I have been doing to myself and working on trying to fix it. Plus I have a son who researches nutrition and such and is now a certified Personal Trainer. He wants to add nutrition in there plus help himself when he is working out.

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