Metabolic Realities


Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, understanding metabolic realities is important. Everyone has a basal metabolic rate. This measures the amount of calories consumed by the body to maintain life. Calories are needed for respiration, cardiac function, kidney function, etc…. About 70% of calorie expenditure comes from the basal metabolic rate; about 10% from digestion and about 20% from physical activity. Reducing calories too much is a DANGEROUS approach to attempting weight loss. It places too much stress on the organs and can cause irreversible damage.

Altering weight in a healthy manner requires TIME and PATIENCE. The following rules should be incorporated to achieve a long term game plan for successful weight control:

  1. Never reduce your calorie intake on any given day by more than 500 calories. Your body will reduce your metabolic rate to intentionally burn fewer calories as a life protecting mechanism.
  2. Eating 2-6 meals a day provides the best delivery system. The more calories a person needs, the more meals per day should be consumed. Your body can only process so many calories at one time. If you eat large quantities of food in a single sitting, many of the calories will be stored as fat until the body can process all its needs.
  3. Long term weight control requires MOVEMENT. I used to say exercise, but that word creates a defensive wall in many people. Movement (walking, gardening, biking, playing sports, participation in outdoor activities with children such as kick ball, dodge ball, softball, etc…, hiking or any other activity that keeps the body in continuous motion.) can be gentle or vigorous and will effectively improve the quality of one’s life while burning the NECESSARY calories.
  4. Sleep also known as recovery is essential for proper weight management. Burning the candle at both ends will impede your progress
  5. Create a happier environment for yourself. It is easier to modify one’s life when motivated.

In most cases it has taken many years to attain your current health status. Although everyone would like it gone overnight, the most effective method to KEEP IT OFF is incorporating REALISTIC steps involving MOVEMENT and NUTRITION. Achieving success does not mean being perfect. Take one day at a time and look for your accomplishments for the day. Keeping a journal of these accomplishments helps to motivate oneself. If you need additional motivation you may want to find a partner.

Exercise Motivation

Let me know your thoughts on this approach. If you would like to leave a comment relating to any personal success or failure stories that could help others, please feel free to do so.

Your comment can positively impact the lives of others.

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