I am providing this short blog to inform anyone intending to buy or currently using health club accessories to REVIEW ALL LABELS ON THE PRODUCTS OR CLOTHING. Common sense would lead one to believe they enhance performance IN A SAFE MANNER. Review the two pictures below and see if anything creates any questions or concerns.



I’ll do a close up for you.



Why would anyone intentionally buy this product after reading this warning label? Could you imagine if our government didn’t require a warning on products that posed possible health risks?

Oh, wait a minute. The government that required the label above DOES NOT require foods containing GMO (genetically modified organism) to list this “information” on their labels even though possible health risks and other safety concerns currently exist.

Each of us are willing to be responsible for our own decisions, but how are we to make intelligent and informed decisions if the information we need is either:

  • found in the “fine print”, and sometimes so small, unreadable
  • inaccurate
  • withheld altogether (ex. food containing GMO)

In the movie, “Field of Dreams”, a recurring whisper was heard by Kevin Costner. The whisper said, “If you build it, they will come.” Without support from friends and family he built a baseball field in the middle of a corn field in Iowa. He knew it was the right thing to do even though everyone opposed his decision. It ultimately filled the needs of thousands of people that lined the interstate to see this field, because it represented a TRUTH that people were looking for.

If you listen carefully, you will hear my recurring whisper stating, “if you stop buying these dangerous products, they will stop making them!” Chipotle was born out of this concept and has become the FIRST restaurant to ban ALL GMO products from their menu. McDonald’s profits have been significantly impacted, yet they continue their current model that provides less healthy choices to the consumer. I encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and let government and big business know we are NOT going to continue to support these dangerous products when healthy alternatives are available.

Whether it’s gym clothing or food it’s time we let them know:

we deserve and demand the truth!

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  1. I couldn’t have said it any better!! keep shouting

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