THE LAST 2-5 POUNDS Of “Needed” Weight Loss

“I can’t lose the last 2-5 pounds.”  How many of you out there have been frustrated beyond belief over these last 2-5 pounds?  While most people in society view those of you in this category as “NUTS” because they would kill to look as healthy and in shape as you are, it is a problem more people complain about than realized.  For most women, it’s the thighs and buttocks, abdominal pooch or possibly the area behind the arms that keep waving after you stop. For men, it’s the love handles and the waistline, however, men require a number closer to 20 pounds before their brain and visual senses detect a need for weight loss. 

There are several questions that need answering before attempting to achieve this magical number. The first question you need to ask yourself is, “if I attain this desired weight, how much happiness will it bring me?” The second, “will the work required including dietary and exercise modifications be worth the trade off?” The third, “if I achieve my goal, am I willing to do what it takes to maintain this new body weight?”

With all the external stresses most of us experience on a regular basis, is this the one internal stress you are willing to impose on yourself? I am not asking this question in judgement. I want to make sure you realize the level of importance you place on these 2-5 pounds.

Most people have a tendency to approach difficult situations like this using a similar strategy that has already failed them in the past. Dieting is a classic example. If you really want to achieve the last 2-5 pounds AND KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF maybe it’s time for a paradigm shift! Let’s begin by removing the false pretense that SPECIFIC ACTIONS create SPECIFIC OUTCOMES. Instead, let’s view SPECIFIC ACTIONS as catalysts that trigger MULTIPLE OUTCOMES. The following are bullet points that outline such a plan.

  • If the focus is on modifying food choices to provide healthier fuel for the body to achieve increased energy and better overall health, weight loss is no longer the ONLY SPECIFIC OUTCOME.
  • If the focus is on modifying your exercise to provide a healthier lean body composition allowing you to perform more tasks you enjoy while reducing your risks of injury, weight loss is no longer the ONLY SPECIFIC OUTCOME.
  • If the focus is on REDUCING YOUR STRESS, you may create more quality time for yourself, feel less tired, and approach all work and recreational activities with a new vim and vigor (without focusing on weight loss as the ONLY SPECIFIC OUTCOME.)
  • If the focus on stress reduction is successful, you are likely to experience more restful sleep igniting additional energy and readiness to approach the coming day with a new sense of vitality (without focusing on weight loss as the ONLY SPECIFIC OUTCOME.)
  • If the focus is redirected to family and friends’ needs, rather than simply focusing on oneself, a greater sense of accomplishment is achieved. This type of behavior leads to a reduction in sedentary living. The more physically and mentally active we are, the more calories we burn (without focusing on weight loss as the ONLY SPECIFIC OUTCOME.)

If you begin to incorporate these concepts and this way of thinking, you will likely become a happier, healthier person with a greater feeling of self worth and confidence. Once you accept this paradigm shift you will realize that the composition of the 2-5 pounds was simply frustration, anger, resentment, and all the other negative feelings harbored within that impeded your progress from shedding the weight. SUCCESS is more easily attained and maintained as the “NEW YOU” proceeds forward with a better outlook on life.


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