RESEARCH – The Magic Behind Scientific Illusion

I grew up believing that research was scientific and objective and proved right from wrong.  I think most people probably believe this.  The fact is that much of research is designed around parameters that prove a desired outcome.  This means that research can be:

  1. truly factual without partiality
  2. partially factual with possibilities of misleading conclusions
  3. fabricated nonsense

One way that research gains credibility is by using authorities to support the research.  Have you ever asked yourself if the “authoritative individual” supporting this research gains any benefits (financial or other forms of compensation) from adding their support?  If so, wouldn’t this be a conflict of interest? Believe it or not, this is common practice.

Let me show you an example of research that clearly demonstrates the magic behind scientific illusion.

The two charts below show statistical numbers reflecting an example of measles cases. The chart on the left makes the measles vaccine look look like an important achievement in saving lives.  The chart on the right makes the introduction of the measles vaccine look insignificant.  They seem to contradict each other.  Here is where the magic of illusion comes in.

Measles 1900-2007 smaller versionThe chart on the left refers to measles cases.  The chart on the right refers to measles deaths. If you want to prove that the vaccine reduced the number of cases of measles, your research would come from the chart on the left. If you wanted to prove that the vaccine was ineffective at saving lives, your research would come from the chart on the right.

We have been told the goal of research is to discover the truth. The problem is, Who’s Truth?

In this example, are we providing better health care using the measles vaccine even though the outcome of the disease is usually a mild infection lasting 4-7 days?  Have we justified the costs and the potential injuries that vaccination procedures can cause? Having the measles provides the best form of immunity from the measles. In addition, no boosters are needed because natural exposure to this virus in public acts as a natural booster. Is it possible that FEAR has been created to reinforce the scientific illusion that good health cannot be achieved without medicine?

Why pay for the measles vaccine and boosters when nature provides it for FREE.

As our society shifts from a model of disease care to a model of health care, the fear of germs will significantly diminish. They are part of this world and we need to learn to live with them. Germ phobia has not created healthier humans living better qualities of life. All primary health care providers need to learn that their roles should be supportive in nature; to provide information to their patients on what is lacking or in excess thus causing health imbalances. In rare cases when these imbalances overwhelm the body, disease care procedures for acute episodes would make sense. The goal should always be to return the body to a state of homeostasis (balance.)  This is my definition of true health care. No smoking mirrors, no scientific illusions, just cost effective quality health care all will benefit from.


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