Medical Doctor. Concerns with Vaccinations

This 3 minute video by Dr. Terry Wahls, MD does an excellent job of explaining her concerns regarding vaccinations.  Some of these concerns include:

  • adjuvants (mercury, aluminum, etc) in the vaccine needed to increase the immune response even though they create toxicity to the body
  • lack of research demonstrating safety in combining vaccines in 1 visit
  • liability protection for the drug companies and the development of unnecessary vaccines resulting from this protection
  • the short term basis by which vaccine studies have been studied to determine safety .  Long term studies (over the lifespan of a person) have not been researched.

I like this video because it provides a very logical approach without demonstrating a motivated bias. This information is not commonly heard by the public.  I am providing this information hoping to receive your comments (as a reply) so I can continue to share relevant information that the public wants to read and watch.  I hope you enjoy the video.

Your comment can positively impact the lives of others.

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