Hawaii Voices Opinion On GMO Products

With all the controversy over GMO (genetically modified organism) products, Mayor Billy Kenoi has signed into law bill 113 which states that biotech companies are now prohibited from operating on the “Big Island” and that ALL FARMERS are banned from growing any new genetically altered crops.

So, how do we determine for ourselves if GMO products are safe or dangerous?  Research is available that will prove BOTH SIDES of this controversy.  What should the consumer do if their time is limited, but are concerned about the possible health consequences relating to this issue?

I recommend asking yourself three questions.

  1. How much do the corporations and government behind the projects have to gain financially and politically from the production of GMO products?
  2. If they are truly safe, why don’t the manufacturers that use GMO ingredients include this information on the packaging?  Are you not entitled to know if the foods you purchase are made from GMO products or not?
  3. What are the possible health implications if I consume these products?  You need to remember that DDT (a pesticide that ultimately caused enough environmental damage to mandate a banning of its use in the US in 1972) was also deemed SAFE by the government.  I have attached a short video at the end of this article demonstrating how DDT was used DIRECTLY ON CHILDREN before this banning.

Over 26 countries including Japan, New Zealand, Austria Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Russia have banned GMO’s or some form of cultivation and selling of GMO products.  In California, the counties of Mendocino successfully banned GMO and Hawaii’s Big Island has joined the pack.  Are all of these countries wrong, or is it possible that our governmental regulatory agencies aren’t doing their job!

Businesses are entitled to profit and should be encouraged to do so in a capitalistic environment, but NEVER at the expense and sanctity of human life.

Please let me know your feelings and thoughts about this topic.  Your contributing ideas and questions will help others learn about GMOs and prevent all of us from blindly accepting the current reality.  Thank you for your participation.


  1. Elaine · · Reply

    I was wondering if there are any studies with a direct link from GMO products to cancer or other disease processes in humans? Scary that the government deemed DDT safe. Thanks!


    1. The short answer is yes. The following link will take you to a detailed explanation that will likely provide greater detail than you may want. There are 10 additional links demonstrating various serious health threats associated with GMO’s and Glyphosate (ingredient in Round Up) that is sprayed on GMO crops, Toxins from GMOs detected in maternal and fetal blood, DNA complications from GMOs, etc… http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/07/15/new-study-links-gmos-to-cancer-liverkidney-damage-severe-hormonal-disruption/

      There seems to be a financial conflict of interest as well when it comes to the government and Big Agriculture. Our regulatory agencies have seated board members employed by the farming industry. Do we really believe the “fox” is the best candidate to guard the “hen house?”

      I hope this information helps.


  2. Thanks so much. Very helpful


    1. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  3. I read a comment from a blogger awhile back about GMO’s…I don’t remember the exact words, but it went something like this, “I don’t see the harm in GMO’s. I hear the plants grow better….” This person went on and on and sang GMO’s praises. It really scared me and I can only hope the true information about GMO’s come to more light. The stories about the farmers in India killing themselves over GMO’s is staggering. Their crops fruited less and they were going bankrupt. That and so many other stories telling the sad and scary truth about the harm GMO’s do to us as humans and the environment. I am thrilled to know Hawaii won’t allow GMO’s in their state. I can only hope one day every state and country will follow suit.

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    1. Unfortunately, since writing this story Monsanto filed an appeal and won their court case in Hawaii. Normally it takes about 50 years before the public is provided with truthful information. I believe the internet, social media, etc… will speed the process up. GMO products are likely dangerous and should be avoided if possible. With organic becoming more popular, prices will come down and become more competitive. This is a much better option in most cases.

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      1. Oh so sad to hear about Hawaii. It’s big money/greed that has allowed this mess to be out there in the first place. I read everything and buy NON GMO everything…if it’s in my house they hid it so very well! Organic is the way to go for sure and hopefully we can keep spreading the word by not buying GMO products or using chemicals on our plants….Thank you for updating me. So sad indeed….

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