Childhood Cancer and Current Treatment

Most people are unaware that cancer is now the leading cause of death in children in the United States.  A statistic like this must be devastating to the medical community that has tried so hard to save these young lives.  There efforts have successfully increased the number of children surviving the 5 year marker, but about, “70% of the survivors were estimated to have developed mild to moderate chronic conditions and about 32% were estimated to have developed severe, disabling or life-threatening chronic conditions” according to the American Association For Cancer Research.  It was also reported by Family Practice News that, “35% of the survivors, ages 20-49 had neurocognitive dysfunction (brain damage), 13-17% functional impairment (inability to perform activities in daily living), pain or anxiety fear.”

Are we approaching this horrible disease with the right vision?  Naturally, we want to save as many lives as possible, but at what cost?  Most people I have spoken with stated that QUALITY of life was more valuable to them than QUANTITY of life. Although more lives are being saved today, the quality in many is severely compromised.

The biggest question we need to ask is WHY are so many children diagnosed with cancer today?  Is it possible that we are ignoring all the important components in maintaining a healthy adult lifestyle and producing children that are more susceptible to disease as a result?  Is it possible that our children are also following a lifestyle that predisposes them to disease as well? Sedentary living and poor dietary habits resulting in overweight and obesity are just two likely causes predisposing our children.

For many years we have asked the doctors to focus on killing cancer and other diseases, yet they continue to prevail. Maybe our thought process needs to shift to a new paradigm that focuses away from doctors and diseases and toward  ADULTS and CHILDREN and the behaviors they need to incorporate in their lives to maximze  there bodies to be healthy.

If you’re a parent and don’t know what you can do to improve your child’s chances for a healthier life, reply to this article.  If you’re a parent that has already taken steps for your children please let me know what steps were taken so other parents can learn from you. I can’t guarantee perfect health, but I can offer a better chance for a better QUALITY OF LIFE.

Your comment can positively impact the lives of others.

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