Feeling Empowered By Achieving Good Health

What are your thoughts as you wake in the morning and begin your day.  Do you yearn for that cup of coffee to jump start your engines enabling you to worry about the emails at work; the projects at work with their deadlines that never seem possible to achieve; the lists of chores as a proud homeowner; the carpooling responsibilities; or simply the responsibilities of a relationship?  Wouldn’t it be nice instead to awaken with the natural energy the HEALTHY BODY produces to explore the endless possibilities that lie ahead of you. What does it take to transition into this new paradigm?  It takes the desire to feel good and the willingness to take the steps necessary to achieve this goal.

The first question you need to ask is, “Do I deserve to be happy?”  The next question you need to ask is, “Am I actively doing what it takes to make me happy?”  We have a tendency to create patterns of repetitive bad behaviors. Many of these patterns become destructive to our needs to be happy.  So why do we continue down a path of self destruction? Many believe we have no choice. This lifestyle creates a vicious cycle that commonly results in depression.  This is why Maia Szalavitz ( Time Magazine author) wrote an article entitled, “What Does a 400% Increase In Antidepressant Use Really Mean?”  To me it means it’s time for CHANGE.

If you’re ready to break this cycle and feel good, I believe I can help.  I can be a positive influence and teach you how to take control of your life and feel good about yourself empowering you to achieve your personal goals. All I ask in return is WHEN YOU SUCCEED (not if you succeed!) you extend a similar helping hand (if you can) to another person you see in need.  I call this making a difference one person at a time.

If you find this idea intriguing, we can start right now.  I want you to begin to see HEALTH from a new perspective.  I have attached a video and want you to listen to Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D.  She is a classically trained medical doctor and specializes in obstetrics and psychiatry.  Her segment on the video starts at 19:20 minutes into the tape and ends at 32:35.  It is about 14 minutes long.  Be careful, if you watch the video from the beginning it is 90 minutes long.  Its a good video, but I recognize the value of time!  After watching the video, I would like you to reply to this blog with your thoughts.  Are you motivated to be HAPPY and HEALTHY?  If so, what you think is holding you back?

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  1. Rick Yarris · · Reply

    As always Jon. Great info. Great job and great inspiration


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